Lynda Hoffman (of Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching) is an experienced life coach in the area of personal leadership. She has changed the lives of many with her presence, unconditional positive regard. Her varied tool kit in executive functioning, Harvard’s Immunity to Change matrix, mindfulness and mind-body practices have all served her clients in making transformational changes.

Here is what some of her clients have to say about working with her.

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I Was Able to Tackle Each Issue


“If you want to take action toward doing things a new way—a way that works—work with Lynda. Before I started working with Lynda, I was feeling frazzled, disorganized, and spread thin. I really felt desperate and helpless to change. With Lynda's structured and compassionate guidance, I was able to open my dreaded Pandora’s box of shame, guilt, and hopelessness.

She helped me excavate some of my most painful beliefs and - grounded by her support - I was able to tackle each issue and move forward toward my goals and making positive changes in my life. I cannot thank her enough for helping me pull my life and my schedule together.”

- S.

Evolution of Coaching Process

“I first heard about Lynda's life coaching services through a good friend -- my former high school guidance counsellor -- who I had met for beers one day as we do every year or so. He told me how he had been considering...” Read More.

- I.K.

Lynda Has Such a Clear Vision

“Before I started coaching with Lynda, I felt lost. I was overwhelmed with so many ideas of things I wanted to change about myself and my life, but I had no idea where to start. I didn't know what concrete steps to make. I had goals in mind, but they felt like fantasies -- I had no clue how to forge the path to achieve them. I bounced between hope and despair -- and I feared that I would feel this way for the rest of my life. At times, I felt hopeless -- as if maybe I was supposed to just accept this as my reality (except I didn't know how to do that, either). I was simply stuck. I had done all sorts of different forms of therapy for 7 years before starting to see Lynda, and they had all helped me in one way or another -- in the way I needed at the time. After my psychological assessment demonstrated that I may have ADHD (it was inconclusive), I was encouraged to seek out CBT for my severe anxiety. I started seeing a therapist, but I quickly realized that I wasn't getting what I needed -- I wanted someone to help guide me through a concrete plan to achieve specific goals. The therapist recommended Lynda. Admittedly, I was skeptical about seeing a coach. I didn't know anything about coaching nor did I understand how a coach could help me achieve my goals. Let's just say, now I know. Let me explain: I highly recommend seeing Lynda if you want to achieve or change something in your life, but you don't know how to get there. Lynda has such a clear vision. I could tell from the moment we met that she was confident that, together, we would get where I needed to go. I couldn't see it, but I felt safe in her knowing hands throughout the tough journey. My favourite part about working with Lynda has to be the fact that I always feel "seen" when I'm with her. She held so much space for me, and let me reach my realizations at my own pace. She was always so compassionate, and helped me realize how to extend that compassion to myself. I felt like I was working with someone as a team. I'm truly unsure whether I could have gotten to where I am now without her help, but she has also helped me realize how much power I have in my own life. I can't remember the last time I felt so empowered and motivated. While other therapy modalities allowed me an outlet to explore my life experiences and delve into my past, Lynda helped me focus on my present and future. Lynda also helped me understand my life experiences through the lens of my biology. I now understand the way my brain works in a way I never have before -- this has released some burden of responsibility I've carried my entire life regarding things I have no control over. This has given me a level of acceptance of myself I've never experienced. A weight has truly been lifted thanks to Lynda. I cannot thank her enough for the impact she has had on my life. My journey is by no means over, and I know I will carry the various tools she has taught me for the rest of my life."

- M.K.

Towards Healthier Pursuits

“I extracted some deeply-held beliefs, thoughts, even fears, so that I could see them in a realistic light that made sense. My energy is now going towards healthier pursuits. Pretty huge! I have shared my wonderful/insightful/inspirational experience with many people”.

- M.G.

Feel More at Peace

“In the short time we have been coaching, I have learned to balance my self-care with my busy life and make better choices for myself. Before coaching, I wasn’t even aware of what I needed to do until I hit a wall, and when I did know, I didn’t act on it. I am also more aware of time, pause before I respond to a situation, and feel more at peace in our sometimes chaotic family life. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. My deepest thanks, Lynda.”

- M.M.

Lynda ‘Got It’

““I have worked with a lot of professionals before, but this experience was nothing like those. I felt like Lynda ‘got it’, and this helped me take control of my life. I was so relieved to see I could make changes. And I did! I learned to recognize when I was overthinking and needed to just get going. I resolved financial challenges I had been avoiding for over 10 years. Taking charge has made me feel better about myself. And, I became closer to my family.”

- J. A.

Taking Actions and Making Decisions

“Within weeks of beginning to coach, I was taking actions and making decisions I had been holding off making for years.”

- L.R.


“This is awesome. I had been lost. Going in circles. But now my job is going better.”

- T.S.

Gentle Steering and Unwavering Support

“I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude. There are some moments that I find so hard to get through, and can somehow manage with your gentle steering and unwavering support and non-judgment. From the bottom of my heart, I am so deeply thankful for all that we are achieving. I think every session that there can’t possibly be more to uncover, and there is, and it shines light on something new… and light (almost) always makes way for growth.”

- M.T.

My Son Trusts Lynda

“My son trusts Lynda which he has never done with anyone."

- I.L.

More Power over My Present

“Mindfulness and learning how to be present allows me to make more choices. I get out of my head and more into the doing mode. I feel I have more power over my present. I used to feel invisible but I am now speaking up more and notice others are listening to me too!”

- E.R.

I Am More Confident

“I am different in my business. Before coaching, I felt my vision for my business was being stalled by my weaknesses. Now, I am more confident with my management team, more clear about what I want, and better able to stay on track.”

- G.K.

Fun and Exciting

“As a parent, this work has supported me in releasing the pressure I feel as the person responsible for my children’s wellbeing. I am able to trust that they are safe and be more relaxed at home. I would definitely recommend Lynda Hoffman to work with anyone who is interested and ready to… it makes working on yourself fun and exciting.”

- E.R.

I Cannot Believe the Difference

“If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever work with a professional coach, I would have answered with a resounding NO! Lynda is not like any professional I have met before. Not only have I been working with her for over six months now, I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. My deepest thanks, Lynda.”

- M.M.

Changed the Dynamic inside Me

“My daughter’s ADHD used to get me upset at key points in the day when too many things were happening at once. With my own ADHD I was already having enough trouble focusing. Her behaviour threw me off and I would feel angry. Now, I have learned how to manage these situations more calmly and effectively. It’s changed the dynamic inside me and with my daughter.”

- A.T.

The Person I Was Meant to Be

“I finally feel like I am becoming the person I was meant to be! Before coaching I didn’t know how to do it.”

- R.M.

Feeling More Free

“When I started coaching I did not know I had ADHD. Now I know I have it and my life is in a much better place. My finances are in order, I wake up feeling more free, and I am looking forward to writing the book I’ve always wanted to write.”

- J.A.

Helped My Son Understand Himself

“When I met Lynda one year ago, I was a worried and anxious mother. I wanted to help my son live a less miserable life. He was chronically anxious, lacked confidence for most challenges, and was not concentrating on his studies…. He simply was not working. Today my son says to me, ‘Mom, I feel I’m good now. And I did really well on the exam!’ Can you imagine how happy I felt when I heard that? Thank you Lynda. You helped my son understand himself and see the beauty inside.”

- P. N.

Integrating New Ways

“As a parent, this work has supported me in releasing the pressure that I have felt… the great responsibility for my children’s well-being. I now see they are integrating new ways of being and I am able to trust that they are safe.”

- E.R.

Lynda Supported Me

“When I brought my daughter to Lynda for help with her executive function learning challenge, it was a very stressful and low time in our family’s life. Having received this diagnosis, I felt overwhelmed as to how to help her succeed. Lynda supported me, worked with my daughter’s teacher, and helped me be at my best as we went through challenges. This was going above and beyond my expectations. That’s Lynda. You walk into her office stressed and come out hopeful. Always.”

- L.P.

I Know How to Navigate Challenges

“In the year I coached with Lynda I went from failing my exams and feeling stressed about the possibility I may fail, to passing and feeling confident that I know how to navigate challenges. The best is that the insight I gained through coaching has changed how I will support my patients in the years to come.”

- R.N.

Feeling Whole

“I came in feeling unsure and confused. After our Brain Gym® session I left feeling whole.”

- T.W

I’m Excited and Ready

“This is not like any coaching I’ve experienced before. For the first time ever, I know I’m accountable to MYSELF, rather than my coach or someone else. I’m excited and ready to ‘fly’ on my own. Thank you, Lynda, for a truly life-changing gift.”

- G.L.

So Easy to Trust You

“Wow. With your professional approach, it was so easy to trust you. You get it. It sounds like a cliché, but you’ve changed my life”.

- N.B.

I Like Myself Better

“I used to think that it didn’t matter what I did or didn’t do. I’d always struggle with this. Now I have learned how to engage in my life, make choices, and actually do what I am supposed to do. And I like myself better!”

- A.M.

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