Your Success Plan

Are you ready to commit to your deepest learning?


At Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching, I can support you in finding yourself and the outcomes that deeply matter to you. Whether you live in Montreal or are located internationally, I am committed to your success.

Best Outcomes

The best outcomes in coaching come when you are ready to:

  • Commit to the deeper work of growth and transformation;
  • Clear space inside and outside yourself for practicing new ways of being;
  • Commit to a minimum of six months and attend all sessions;
  • Do the work between sessions;
  • Step outside your comfort zone;
  • Rely on me to support you;
  • Bring an open heart and mind.

You bring the “WHAT”

You are the expert on your life, so you bring the content and create our agenda. You bring the feedback about what is working and what is not. From there, we reflect, revisit and refine until you master the change.

I bring the “HOW”

As your life coach, I will be fully present and ready to listen - wholeheartedly and unconditionally. In service to your goals, I will ask you thought-provoking questions, guide you when you stray off track and challenge you on your limiting beliefs.

Structure of the Sessions

If you are in Montreal, we can meet in person. If you live elsewhere, we’ll use Skype or Zoom. Our life coaching sessions will be pre-scheduled, generally once every two weeks for 55 minutes.

I provide unlimited email support as needed. Learning does not take a break between sessions!

At key moments during your journey, we will co-create assignments designed to expand, practice and hone new behaviours. This ‘homework’ will integrate your new and positive patterns successfully into your everyday life.

How to spot your progress:

You’ll know you are on the right path when you find yourself paying attention to what you are doing. This means keeping your goals in mind between sessions, taking action and being open to seeing things differently.

Notice if you feel uncomfortable. This is an excellent sign that you are doing something right. Human beings are wired to resist change. Your level of discomfort could be your benchmark for success!

I know the process is working for my clients when they say things like:

  • “I can see the big picture in my life better and I am routinely taking on less.” 
  • “I have a much better sense of time.”
  • “Wow, I feel like I am in charge of my life now!”
  • “I can actually get the work done!”
  • “I can look myself in the mirror and feel good about who I see.”
  • “I notice I am making different choices, and it is coming more easily!”

Expect the unexpected

 This is the best kept secret about coaching: the journey is often full of surprises.

You may arrive with an agenda to change your career and leave with a completely different plan. The problems brought to coaching are often actually symptoms. Treating symptoms may feel good in the short term, but the results will also be short term and vague. The unexpected is where all the deep, long-lasting change occurs - in how you see yourself, and what you believe is possible.

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