What Is Coaching?

Coaching: The Ultimate Apprenticeship


Coaching is on-the-job training for mastering the art of being fully alive.


At Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching, whether you live in Montreal or are located internationally, I support you in peeling back the layers of limiting beliefs and unhelpful habits that keep you from the success you deserve.


Best of all, you enjoy the validation and support of someone who understands what it is like to wobble during the learning process. You come away with a stronger sense of personal agency, increased confidence and life changing experiences.

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Why Choose to Work with a Coach?

You are definitely capable of leading your own life. You are a capable professional or entrepreneur and have already enjoyed much success. Given that this is true, why would you – or anyone – need a life coach?


One of our gifts as human beings is an instinct for safety. Sometimes this makes it hard for us to see the limiting beliefs and patterns that work against us. To recognize this in yourself, you may ask the following questions: In what way do you hide from yourself? Are you able to spot how? Make the necessary changes?


Life coaching is a powerful process for learning how to stand up for what you want, face your fears and insecurities, and honour your strengths. You become skilled at creating the conditions inside and outside yourself for greater fulfillment. Essentially, it is the training ground for deep self-learning and mastery.

Does Coaching Work?



In the Life Coaching Success Stories section of my website, real clients share their stories about how life coaching dramatically reshaped their lives in positive ways. They highlight how coaching helped them feel happier and more fulfilled.


Here are some examples:



“I have worked with a lot of professionals before, but this experience was nothing like those. I felt like Lynda ‘got it’, and this helped me take control of my life. I was so relieved to see I could make changes…I resolved challenges I had been avoiding for over 10 years. Taking charge has made me feel better about myself.”


- J.A.

Now, I Am More Confident


“I am different in my business. Before coaching, I felt my vision for my business was being stalled by my weaknesses. Now, I am more confident with my management team, more clear about what I want, and better able to stay on track.”


- G.K.



“Within weeks of beginning to coach, I was taking actions and making decisions I had been holding off making for years.”


- L.R.

More Power over My Present


“Mindfulness and learning how to be present allows me to make more choices. I get out of my head and more into the doing mode. I feel I have more power over my present. I used to feel invisible but I am now speaking up more and notice others are listening to me too!”


- E.R.



“This is awesome. I had been lost. Going in circles. But now my job is going better.”


- T.S.

A Way that Works


“If you want to take action toward doing things a new way—a way that works—work with Lynda. Before I started working with Lynda, I was feeling frazzled, disorganized, and spread thin. I really felt desperate and helpless to change. With Lynda's structured and compassionate guidance, I was able to open my dreaded Pandora’s box of shame, guilt, and hopelessness."


- S.H.

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