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ADHD is not laziness

Teens and children with ADHD are not lazy, no matter what it looks like. But they do lack the skills for managing themselves and doing what they need to do, with parents left to pick up the slack. At Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching, I support students in the Montreal area in developing increased autonomy at home and at school. They can indeed learn how to be in charge of themselves.

How ADHD coaching can help you teen

Coaching is a powerful tool for increasing your teen’s confidence. In safe and confidential one-on-one sessions, your teen can learn how to take responsibility - one step at a time. Ideal outcomes:

  • Reduced conflict at home
  • Increased self-awareness about what is working or not
  • Increased flexibility and decreased reactivity when problems arise
  • Completing homework more autonomously
  • Getting started on tasks more easily (less procrastination)
  • Reduced impulsivity (staying on task rather than social media)
  • More participation in classes
  • Improved time management, e.g., arriving on time, meeting deadlines, etc.
  • Improved test results
  • Ability to self-advocate at school, i.e. ask questions and seek help when needed


Teens do not outgrow ADHD; they grow up to be adults with ADHD. The greatest gift you can give your teen is the opportunity to learn how to live with it successfully.

Your teen is a good candidate for coaching when:

  • They are discouraged but care about what is going on;
  • They can attach to and trust another adult;
  • They are willing to share and learn by talking and doing;
  • They are mature for their age and can communicate their experiences comfortably;
  • Both of you are ready to try something different.

Getting Started

With or without an official diagnosis of ADHD, your teen can begin coaching as soon as they feel ready and want to improve their situation. Getting started as early as possible leads to better outcomes. And as your teen begins to experience increased success, confidence and resilience, they will in turn feel more empowered to pursue the diagnostic process – if and when that feels right.

"My son trusts Lynda which he has never done with anyone." -I.L.


I have seen how ADHD can negatively impact a teen’s life. The outcomes for untreated ADHD are serious. In teens, these may include failure in school, depression, anxiety, poor self-confidence, social difficulties, lack of motivation, and drug or alcohol abuse.

I also know that it doesn’t have to be this way. Learning adaptive strategies for self-management can reverse these effects. You CAN change the course of your teen’s life.

Remember, this isn’t just about getting through school. This is about life skills that will carry them as they grow: how to be a fully engaged student, a reliable member of the family, a confident advocate for themselves and consistently present in their future career.

I look forward to hearing your story, as well as your teen’s.

In our first session, we will explore what is possible – not just what feels wrong.

If you would like to know more, contact me.

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“When I met Lynda one year ago, I was a worried and anxious mother. I wanted to help my son live a less miserable life. He was chronically anxious, lacked confidence for most challenges, and was not concentrating on his studies…. He simply was not working. Today my son says to me, ‘Mom, I feel I’m good now. And I did really well on the exam!’ Can you imagine how happy I felt when I heard that? Thank you Lynda. You helped my son understand himself and see the beauty inside.”

- S.L.

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