Life Coaching Success Stories

It thrills me every time a client has a breakthrough. Seeing the weight and concern disappear is almost magical. At Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching, my commitment is to support clients in creating these kinds of outcomes.

  • Liberated themselves from false beliefs, allowing bold new actions in all parts of their lives
  • Achieved breakthroughs that they never thought possible, which opened the pathway to empowerment and self-confidence
  • Transformed their lives by identifying and resolving underlying patterns of behaviour

Amber’s Story

Amber was scared when she started: scared of herself and scared to admit what she truly, deeply wanted. She took a brave step in seeking out a life coach. She had told me that it was transformative across all parts of her life.

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Max’s Story

Max told me he was sorry he had not come to coaching earlier in his life. He felt he had suffered needlessly for too many years. With coaching, he began to live his life from the inside out rather than living by what he thought others wanted for him.

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Anna’s Story

Anna found freedom and vitality in learning to trust herself again. Her chronic pain had been making her life miserable until Anna learned to BE with it and treat herself with compassion. It was then that she began to find more joy and happiness.

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Daniel’s Story

Daniel held limiting beliefs that were working directly against his efforts to change. With coaching, Daniel identified and overcame his limiting beliefs. This breakthrough had a dramatic and positive impact on his relationship with his family, employees and work.

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Client Reviews

Dramatic change often occurs with life coaching. Change is often very personal and sensitive. To protect the names of clients and their employers, certain identifying details, including the photos, have been changed to respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality.

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