About Lynda

"I love ideas. I want to understand the world and all of us in it: the way we think, the way we love and the way we live."

At Lynda Hoffman Life Coaching, I support clients in developing personal mastery. It is meaningful work for me. I am thrilled when I watch people move from uncertainty to agency, from doubt to confidence, from inaction to purposeful action.


I became a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) when I realized that people can actually change. And when they do change, they end up changing the world.

My Path to Coaching

My training as a coach began at Concordia University (Montreal) and continues with high level coaches in both the US and Canada. I completed a training in “Immunity to Change” at Harvard University; mindfulness training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, and earned my certification as an educational kinesiologist – all to serve my clients more deeply.


Before that, I was a Director at a private college in Montreal. My role was to create policies and procedures in support of students at high risk of failing. I recruited, trained, and supervised a team of learning coaches to work with these students using a clinical structure.


I hold a degree in political science from McGill, graduating with distinction. I still smile at the hours and hours I spent reading about revolution, constitutional law, advocacy, and human rights. And I love it all to this day.


Currently, I am in the process of applying for my Masters Certified Coaching accreditation with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I am a member in good standing of the ICF and the Canadian ADHD Awareness Alliance (CADDRA). I conduct workshops and speak on the topics of personal leadership, executive functioning and ADHD.

I’ve been where you are now


I know what it’s like to feel lost. I’ve experienced those challenges too. I’ve had to dig deeply and do the inner work so that I could tap into my resourcefulness. I’ve learned how to take charge of my own life and be my own best friend. I continue to learn every day of my life, and it has freed me to be all of who I am.


My Approach


My approach to coaching is collaborative, client-centered and holistic. Together, we will shine the light on new inner and outer perspectives that will free you from unhelpful patterns. We will identify the barriers to your success and create action plans for you to overcome them. You will come to see that the obstacles you perceive are really portals to something so much richer.


"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"


-Mary Oliver

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