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Life Coaching


Choose what you most deeply want as if you were not afraid. You are in charge of your outcomes. Decide which ones you want. You are more powerful than you realize.

ADHD coaching

ADHD Coaching


ADHD symptoms can feel overwhelming. And yet it is possible to be the leader in your own life, reduce the chaos and become who you were always meant to be. You just have to say YES.

Business Coaching

Business Coaching


Your business matters. It is an expression of you and your creativity. The great outcomes you imagine will become reality by developing your inner leadership skills and aligning those with strategic actions.

coaching lawyers

Coaching lawyers


You chose to practice law for a reason. What is getting in the way of you enjoying it now? High demands on your time and inner resources? You can improve your performance, self-efficacy and work-life balance.


Pay attention to the yearning for something better. It holds valuable information.


lynda hoffman

Lynda Hoffman

I am an experienced life coach in the area of personal leadership – the skill for becoming all of who you are meant to be. My took kit includes strategies for improved executive functioning, Harvard’s Immunity to Change matrix, mindfulness, and mind-body modalities. I am based in Montreal and serve clients internationally. Whatever the setting we choose, you can trust that I will hear you wholeheartedly and support you unconditionally.

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Proud member of:

  • PCC
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal

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Gentle Steering and Unwavering Support


“I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude. There are some moments that I find so hard to get through, and can somehow manage with your gentle steering and unwavering support and non-judgment. From the bottom of my heart, I am so deeply thankful for all that we are achieving. I think every session that there can’t possibly be more to uncover, and there is, and it shines light on something new… and light (almost) always makes way for growth.”


- M. T.

Lynda ‘Got It’


“I have worked with a lot of professionals before, but this experience was nothing like those. I felt like Lynda ‘got it’, and this helped me take control of my life. I was so relieved to see I could make changes. And I did! I learned to recognize when I was overthinking and needed to just get going. I resolved financial challenges I had been avoiding for over 10 years. Taking charge has made me feel better about myself. And, I became closer to my family.”


- J.A.

Feel More at Peace


“In the short time we have been coaching, I have learned to balance my self-care with my busy life and make better choices for myself. Before coaching, I wasn’t even aware of what I needed to do until I hit a wall, and when I did know, I didn’t act on it. I am also more aware of time, pause before I respond to a situation, and feel more at peace in our sometimes chaotic family life. I cannot believe the difference it has made in my life. My deepest thanks, Lynda.”


- M.M.

Towards Healthier Pursuits


“I extracted some deeply-held beliefs, thoughts, even fears, so that I could see them in a realistic light that made sense. My energy is now going towards healthier pursuits. Pretty huge! I have shared my wonderful/insightful/inspirational experience with many people”.


- M.G.

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